Battery Reviver Equipment

Segway format, Li-ion
Battery Super Reviver


Our customers report back that in excess of $US 2 Million worth of Segway Lithium batteries have been successfully revived by our DGB International Battery Reviver range of products.

IWARN Pty.Ltd. ( ACN 005 664 693 ) trading as DGB International.

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Designed and Manufactured in Australia.
Exported worldwide.

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DGB International specialises in the revival, refurbishing and repair of high value batteries.  In particular, the Segway format, Li-ion batteries.

We provide battery revival service to our local Australian customers, and we export our Australian made test equipment so that others can provide Segway battery revival service in their region.

The DGB International range of Battery Reviver products offer a viable, economical and sustainable 21st century alternative to last century’s wasteful, ‘discard and replace’ mode of business.


Designed & Manufactured in Australia
Exported worldwide.