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Battery Reviver Equipment
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Our customers report back that well in excess of $US 3 MILLION worth of Segway Li-Ion batteries have been successfully revived by our DGB International range of battery reviver products.
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Segway format, Li-ion Battery Super Reviver
IWARN Pty. Ltd. ( ACN 005 664 693 )
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“Excellence is never an accident.

It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

DGB International specialises in the revival, calibration, refurbishing and repair of high value batteries.  We have a particular focus on the Segway format, Li-ion batteries.

DGB International provide battery revival service to our local Australian customers.
We export our Australian made test equipment, so that others can provide similar Segway battery calibration and revival services in their region.

The DGB International range of Battery Revival products offer a viable, economical and sustainable 21st century alternative to last century's wasteful, 'discard and replace' mode of business.
ALL lithium batteries are considered hazardous and are thus subject to onerous and expensive freight restrictions.

DGB International Battery Reviver products eliminate the need to ship those heavy and hazardous Segway batteries to a high-tech remote lab or repair facility.

Our specialist Battery Reviver test equipment is compact, light weight and non-hazardous, so it can easily be shipped ( even posted ) to the location of the problem.