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Our customers report back that well in excess of $US 3 MILLION worth of Segway Li-Ion batteries have been successfully revived by our DGB International range of battery reviver products.
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Segway format, Li-ion Battery Super Reviver
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About Us
About Us:
DGB International is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Founded in the early 1980's, we have decades of electrical engineering experience and we have used our business acumen in a wide variety of scenarios.

We were the first Australian Segway authorised distributor, and we filled that role for a 5 year period, some time ago.
What we can do for you:
Our Segway activities alerted us to battery issues.  We resolved many of those technical issues.  We now offer no-risk, guaranteed battery revival service for local Australian Segway owners.

We further developed our expertise, and we now provide our test equipment to the worldwide market of Segway dealers, Tour Operators and Segway owners.
With our equipment, you too, will be able to offer battery revival service to Segway customers in your region.
Next ...
We are keen to use our proven expertise and apply it to any other similar business opportunities.
Contact us to discuss your particular opportunities, needs and battery problems.