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Our customers report back that well in excess of $US 3 MILLION worth of Segway Li-Ion batteries have been successfully revived by our DGB International range of battery reviver products.
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Segway format, Li-ion Battery Super Reviver
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We provide Segway Li-ion  -   Battery Revival Service
We provide a fully guaranteed, low-risk Battery Revival Service, on the following basis:
We encourage potential customers to bring in, or send in, their batteries to us.
( See freight note below )
We make NO CHARGE, to test your batteries.
We make NO CHARGE, if unfortunately we are unable to revive your particular battery.
( typically a 10% - 20% chance ).
We charge $AU 350 per battery, and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all revived batteries. Bulk discounts apply.
Click to download a shipping label.
Print it and fix label to your well packed battery parcel.
Tiny batteries like the ones in your phone may be exempt from hazardous handing requirements, however ALL larger Lithium batteries can only travel by road or sea, they can NEVER travel on any passenger plane.
We recommend Australia Post for parcels within Australia.
It costs about $25 to ship a single battery, or $35 to ship a pair of batteries by road, from pretty much anywhere in Australia to us.
It is a small price to do it correctly !
Segway Batteries should last for about 10 years, or so.  Batteries older than that are NOT good candidates for revival.